Panasonic has declared war in the race of digital film making advancement. Introducing their latest solid state pro camcorders, Panasonic has stepped far ahead with its competitors. Camera producer like Canon has only few consumer level, solid state, high priced handy cams in the market today. But Panasonic, among their latest inventions have successfully produced quite a few sold state pro camcorders. Among the low range the AG-HCK10G ($1800) is a 1/4.1″ 3.05 megapixel 3-MOS POVCAM Full HD Camera. Among the others, they have AG-HMC40PJ,

Most interestingly, the AG-3DA1, is probably the first pro level HD solid state camera that has made its debut in the market recently. Priced, at little hight ($21000) this camera is a Fully integrated Full HD 3D solid-state camcorder.

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