• Top 10 tips on taking better picture

Let me put forward some common ideas that may help you to improve your skills in photography.

Most important, keep your camera with you as much as possible. Keep it ready as soon as you get the smell of a good viewpoint.

Hold your camera Steady – The photographer must hold his camera steady enough to produce sharp images. Shaky hands or pushing the shutter button abruptly may result in fuzzy pictures.

Know your camera – To take good pictures, you have to become very familiar with your camera. Reading the camera manual thoroughly will surely help you to carry out the adjustments under a wide variety of conditions.

Move close to your subject(s) – Never mind going close to your subject. Whether it is a village church, your daughter’s wedding, or anything else. Always get close enough so that your frame/viewfinder holds only the most important things that you want to show/shot. One of the most common mistakes that everyone gets involved in consciously or unconsciously is not to measure the ‘real weightage’ of the frame. The ‘real weightage’ refers here the most important things that you must hold in your frame.  (read more)