In case of a feature film, with proper financial support, the budget depends on many aspects, like, level of artists, director & actors to be hired. And if it’s not a digital film then the cost of linear production adds up with it. But there is one thing that is common in both low/high & digital/non digital film making, and that is the ‘tactics of cutting cost’.

These tactics may include –

  • Avoiding night scenes.
  • Use of unknown actors
  • Filming in another region/state/country
  • Avoid filming at famous/popular spots
  • Use of small & dedicated crew, minimal makeup, natural light

Remember, the concept of digital film making came into act when people started thinking about the fact that how can film making be done in a more cheaper, faster and friendlier way.

There are talented people among us, but, that doesn’t mean that every one of them was born with a silver spoon. Hence we must utilize the sources of digital film making as per our need and requirement. A big budget film can easily afford their need, but , in case of a film which has to be made under a constrain budget, we must meet the need within that budget line.

Films like Spider-Man 2($200 million), Terminator 3($187.3 million), Lara croft($118 million) are some very big budget films. It’s okay to get your inspirations from such films, but trying out something like that will be an act of a fool. Instead of making something original, you may end up with a pathetic mixed up messed up film of no value. You may find these words a bit harsh but that’s the truth. Today if you visit a film fest of upcoming directors you will definitely see some films trying out their best on sci-fi & action with lots of effects & colours. Even some of them may stand out quite good. But after all it won’t be a quality product. Hence we must get our basics right first. Simple making with strong subject is more effective than strong edit and weak subject.

Written by Sourav Dutta